LOG Industrie delivers components and assembly groups

Rail traffic, ship building, aviation, plant and military engineering


Our supply chain management makes your value chain even more efficient:

As an experienced provider of transport and logistics service on the global market of electronic parts and assembly groups we possess extensive production and distribution networks. Further we have well-rehearsed cooperation’s with manufacturers and customers around the globe.

The business activities of LOG Industrie

Material logistics

  • Acquisition and allocation of single parts, assembly groups or even material kits
  • Optimization of your materials procurement
  • Consulting on buying strategies
  • Coordination of your provider and manufacturer contacts
  • Optimizing logistics

Warehousing and organization

  • Recording, structuring and organization of your storage
  • Reduction of stock grounds and costs
  • Commercialization of your overstock

Consulting on production process

  • Advisory service for our own production development
  • Support with the production of your own products
  • Consulting on production strategy (make or buy)
  • Selection of alternative materials and components for various productions

Manufacturing and distribution

  • Access to a global storage network
  • Reduction of your purchase price via order accumulation
  • Cur on your own currency risk
  • Clearing formalities
  • Obtaining of import and export licenses

„We provide our customers the precise material they need. In the proper quality, in the right amounts, the exact time and place – with the best prices.“

 Our Quality Management System fulfills all requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors.
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Our management system is certified!
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